The Business Pressure Relief Kit: 6 Strategies to Find Peace as You Increase Your Revenue

Where nature’s wisdom meets data-driven business strategy and your bank account is as full as the harvest moon.

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Success is cyclical and so are you. You can harness the power of nature to achieve more while doing less. At Origin, we believe you can realize your business goals by revolutionizing the way you work.

The Business Pressure Relief Kit

6 Strategies to Find Peace as You Increase Your Revenue
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Good Words

“Origin has helped me cross off business marketing “should-do’s” and leverage my unique strengths, preferences, and energy flow. Adopting Kate’s unapologetic do-less strategies has helped me to let go of trying to be everywhere and be OK with doing a few things really well.”

Titilayo Tinubu Ali

“Just adding up my numbers and realizing this has been my best month ever for my business, thanks to Origin! Despite the global pandemic, my income this month is 2.75x higher than normal, I added hundreds of people to my email list, and I worked way less hours. In fact, I took a nap almost every day this month!”

Darcy Sauers

Postpartum Doula

“I have historically not connected business with my body-first regime. When going through this process, it all became so clear in a different way. I do have that alpha sales persona that, quite frankly, needed to be fired a long time ago. This was so refreshing, and I feel invigorated for 2021!”

Francesca Alexander

Good Words

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A planner system designed for ambitious people to light up the world without burning themselves out.

It’s time for a time management system that allows us to activate our innate superpowers. This is the first planner that takes into account your body, your goals, evidence-based productivity hacks, the cosmos, your heart, and your soul.

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