High Vibe Training for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

The work that you do matters SO MUCH.

But if you’re exhausted, distracted and/or overwhelmed, then it’s safe to say that:

...the way you’re working isn’t working.

It’s not your fault (most of us inherited toxic work habits from the culture), but it is your responsibility to do something about it so you can break the cycle and unleash your brilliance on the world without sacrificing yourself on the altar of success.

This training will let you in on a better way (hint: it’s been within and around you the whole time) and give you the first steps to healing the way you work.

In this training, you’ll learn:
Why getting it all done isn’t the secret to success...and what actually is. (Once you know this, staying consistent and motivated will be problems of the past!)
How linear thinking is holding you back and how to relate to time in a completely different way so you know right where to start and where to focus to move the needle.
A mind-blowing way you’re programmed to magnetize what you want to you that will boost your self-confidence and your ability to put yourself out there...and how to tap into it
3 simple ways to reprogram yourself that melt distraction, overwhelm, and lack of confidence. (Not being able to focus won’t plague you anymore.)

Bonus: Get 6 Scripts for Saying No to the Most Common Requests of a Business Owner (That Aren’t A Good Use of Your Time) just for showing up!
Is This You? 
You think that you have to make a boat load more money before you can finally let yourself relax.
You think “this is just the way it is” and that another way isn’t actually possible, at least not for someone like you.
There seems to be a never ending to do list and not enough time in the day.
You feel guilty when you’re working and you’re not present when you aren’t. 
You think if you could just make more money by putting in more hours, doing more things, and giving your work more energy you would be able to fix your business problems.
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What they’re saying about this training:

What they’re saying about this training:

"So much gratitude for your webinar this morning. Everything you brought into it: your presence, your teachings, your wisdom made my heart sing!"
"All of this is just so amazing! I didn't realize how much I needed to be on this workshop! Thank you, Kate!"
"Thank you for all of the wisdom, Kate! Appreciate your delivery and approach."
"Wow, it's like I went to sleep last night asking for guidance and then woke up and this is what I got. Wow. Thank you."