Plan the rest of 2022  -  REPLAY NOW AVAILABLE
Plan the rest of 2022 with The Origin Company
6 hours of EPIC PLANNING with Kate and Team Origin!
Recordings and resources available
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Walk through our powerful mid-year planning processes with us so that:

- you’re clear on your goals
- you're clear on your priorities
- you're clear on how to focus on them without sacrificing your well-being in the process.

You will be guided on how to plan to make sure you don’t get stuck in the process!

Get access to the replays and resources from the June 28th event for one payment of $497 or two payments of $277

During the Plan the Rest of 2022 with The Origin Company workshop you’ll:
Identify the ONE thing you know you want to for sure get done before the end of the year
Make huge headway on mapping out a 6-month plan for getting your ONE thing accomplished with ease and flow
Recommit to tracking your energetic ebbs and flows and allowing yourself to be led by them...and be reminded of why working with instead of against your energy is a MUST if you want to be replenished instead of drained by what you do (while getting really well paid!)
Get yourself fully on track, firing on all cylinders to make the rest of 2022 a 6-month period that you’ll look back on as a turning point when you finally let yourself step into the fullness of yourself and your truest work
Plan with Us
Clockwise: TaKisha August, Deb Laflamme, Amanda Pickering & Kate Northrup
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What they’re saying about this workshop:

This has helped me get out of my head and make aligned progress in my life. - Sheila Botelho
I love putting myself on the calendar first...Letting myself be creative and consciously create the life I desire felt so enlivening. I'm also realizing that when I didn't know what to do in a moment, I either pushed myself to go do something not in alignment...Now, I see that I can rest and breathe, and BE and allow the idea/next step to rise from within me.
- Cherina Eisenberg    
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Because we are confident that when you show up to plan, you do get results, we are offering a limited number of PAY WHAT YOU CAN SCHOLARSHIPS for this event. Click here to submit your application