Everything we offer is designed to help you grow your business while doing less.


Heal the Way You Work

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What if you could have a successful
business without burning out?

 (It’s possible! We promise!)

Heal the Way You Work

Stress less

In your business without sacrificing your revenue. A proven, revolutionary system for ambitious people to make more money while working less.

Heal The Way You Work is the first and only time and energy management course that:

  • Is designed for the way women (and people who identify with feminine energy) experience time
  • Is based on sourcing what’s needed from within you so you stop chasing external factors of success and comparing yourself to others (both of which are inherently exhausting)
  • Subtracts from your schedule instead of adding more in order to reach your goals

Go through this self-study program in just 4-hours (broken up however you like).

Time is your most precious asset, and this course was created to honor and protect it.

That’s why you can choose to watch or listen to the 4 hours of content in Heal The Way You Work when and where it works best in your schedule. Go through it all in a day, or savor it over a month. Then, implement the practices, strategies, and new beliefs designed to happen over time to get incredible results that keep getting better and better.

The Origin


The Origin Membership gives you the framework, tools, step-by-step instructions, inspiration, support, and community to harness the power of nature so that you can grow your business while living a life that you love.

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Good Words

“I have historically not connected business with my body-first regime. When going through this process, it all became so clear in a different way. I do have that alpha sales persona that, quite frankly, needed to be fired a long time ago. This was so refreshing, and I feel invigorated for 2021!”

Francesca Alexander

“Just adding up my numbers and realizing this has been my best month ever for my business, thanks to Origin! Despite the global pandemic, my income this month is 2.75x higher than normal, I added hundreds of people to my email list, and I worked way less hours. In fact, I took a nap almost every day this month!”

Darcy Sauers

Postpartum Doula

“Origin taught me to track my cycle, honor the ebb and flow of said cycle, and listen to my body. Business-wise it translated to a raise in my side hustle as well as more customers for my business.”

Cristina Cho

Good Words

Do You Have

An established, multiple-six or seven-figure business that you’re ready to scale in a Do Less way so that you can step more fully into your role as visionary?

The Origin


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Do You Crave

Getting out of the weeds of the day-to-day running of your business, so you can make the impact you know you’re meant to make…all the while feeling really relaxed?

Are you sick of being the smartest person in the room?

The Origin Mastermind is a very small, high-level program offered one time a year by application only.

It’s for women business owners looking to heal their relationship with work and implement regenerative business practices.

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Good Words

“Kate is the reason I created Whole Woman. When I was spinning she helped me use my cycle to tune in to the next best step. She taught me how to create and grow my membership program and run it in a way that fit in with my life. I’m spending way more time with my family than ever before. I’m a total workaholic at heart, and Kate has helped me change my relationship to work in a way that truly supports my well being.”

Sarah Jenks

Founder of Whole Woman

“Origin has helped me cross off business marketing “should-do’s” and leverage my unique strengths, preferences, and energy flow. Adopting Kate’s unapologetic do-less strategies has helped me to let go of trying to be everywhere and be OK with doing a few things really well.”

Titilayo Tinubu Ali

“Just needed to share that since I joined Origin, I’ve worked the least amount ever since I started my business. I’ve had more space and have been a lot gentler on myself, taking more time out,  most importantly, with very little guilt. I’ve also had the best ever month income-wise in my business, something I never thought would have been possible. Something to be said for not pushing and allowing the good stuff to happen. Thanks so much, Kate.”

Laura Agar Wilson

Good Words

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