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What if you could hold what matters in your life while feeling held at the same time?
What if you could break up with the grind...while your income and impact expand?
What if you could achieve more by doing less?


It’s time for a time management system that allows all people to activate their innate superpowers.
Be one of the very first to know when the Do Less Planner
is available for order again in 2021!
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The NEW and IMPROVED self-dated Do Less Planner includes:
  • 2 years of big-picture Yearly pages

  • 4 Seasonal Reflection + Planning spreads

  • 12 monthly spreads

  • 13 Moon Pages spreads (including Egg Wisdom reminders!)

  • 52 Weekly planning spreads that include the Weekly Renewable Planner, The Universe’s and Your To-Do Lists, Meals and Movement Planner, and Sacred Practices Tracker

  • 90 Daily Energy Trackers (supplementary Daily Energy Trackers are available)

  • Trends Tracker to get to know and love your own energy patterns

  • List Love to organize what matters most

  • PLUS a Self-Care Menu based on the lunar and menstrual phases, 6 Steps to Set Goals in Alignment with the Truth of Who You Are, and 7 Steps to Identify the 20% of Actions that Give You 80% of Your Results

And here’s what’s different about the new version of the Do Less Planner:

  • It’s not as thick! We combined some of the spreads to avoid losing functionality, but the planner would lose some heft. It’s 104 pages smaller than last year!

  • The Daily Energy Tracker is significantly improved with a more clear layout for cyclical tracking, improved icons for your energy tracking, and more!

  • The Weekly Planning Spread is considerably improved and streamlined.

With the Do Less Planner you’ll be able to:

  • Track your menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle for optimal productivity
  • Learn your own cycles so that you know exactly what to do when to get the best results
  • Get an incredible handle on your time so you get the important things done and reclaim time for what you truly want to be doing
  • Feel organized, calm, powerful, and serene
  • Get into your own flow with time and productivity so you have momentum on your side (instead of having to push all the time)
  • Feel confident in your priorities and how you’re choosing to invest your precious time
  • Get grounded in your biology, your soul, and your truest desires as guides to how you plan your time

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"It really is the only female-centric business planner I have found. And it works!"
"Best planner on the planet - outside of the fact that it has helped me completely organize my life, I think it is beautiful and I like looking at it. I can tell you I am absolutely obsessed with it and use it every single week! I feel calm about my weeks now - planning on Sunday has become a ritual for me and so has planning around my cycle and the moon." 
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