The Energy Audit You Need to Do Right Now to Level Up Long Term

The Energy Audit You Need to Do Right Now to Level Up Long Term

It’s been a season of harvest in my sister circle. This group is made up of women I’ve known for 20 years or more and we all remain the village of support for one another. There have been exuberant shares of new jobs that will 4x their income, new cars, new homes, new marriages, a new business and one of our oldest babies is going off to college at one of the most prestigious HBCU’s (that’s a historically black college or university) in the United States this fall. 

Blessings on blessings on blessings.

And you know what that energy does to the collective? It lifts us higher, makes new ways clearer, and keeps us basking in the healing joy of energetic abundance.

This is no accident. The energy that surrounds us has an enormous impact on our own ability to move forward, move up or move through tough situations. And this energy can be found in all the noun categories: people, places and things.

If you are feeling stuck in your life or your work, it may be time to take an audit of the following areas of your life that may be taking more from you than you have to give.

  1. People: Your heart circlesThis includes all the relationships you hold close to your heart. Your friends, partnerships, networking groups, or any other greater community you value and are in close energetic proximity to. Do they excite you, challenge you (in the best way), and lift you up? Or do they feel exhausting, exhaust your capacity to access your own creativity or make you feel small? 

    It may be time to prune or adjust your level of involvement with some people so that you are more energetically aligned with those you want to flourish with and alongside. 

    Now, before you go getting all squirrely and breaking up with family or filing for a divorce, be really honest with your own level of influence around these people and whether or not you are the one needing to make an adjustment in your behavior so that others feel safe enough or compelled to bring their best selves to your relationship. 

    Sometimes changing how we see people is enough. 

  2. Place: Your home environmentHow do you feel when you open your eyes and think about the day ahead each morning? Are you inspired by what you see around you? Or do you feel overwhelmed, suffocated or uninspired to be a living fixture in the canvas of your dwelling?Years ago I used to watch a show called Clean House featuring Niecy Nash and she would often say that the condition of our home is an “external reflection of an internal thing.” Does your home and work space reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel? 

    If not, it may be time to purge. And not necessarily aiming to be minimalistic or approved by those gals from The Home Edit. What would you need to do to create a home space that, as Oprah says, “rises up to meet you?”

    This can be as simple as acknowledging how much you love fresh-cut flowers and prioritizing placing a fresh bouquet of flowers in your home or workspace each week. 

    Maybe you block off time this season to deep clean, donate items to a worthy cause or simply add your unloved home chores to your calendar so that they get done in a timely manner versus becoming the thing you’re overwhelmed with at the end of each month. 

  3. Thing: What you own, do and createWhen present energy, life stories and desires meet, there can be an interesting combination of things that show up. For example, a lack story mixed with abundant resources and a desire to “fit in” might equal having a lot of meaningless trinkets in your space, unnecessary offerings in your business or an overabundance of hobbies that no longer feel nourishing. Do your current tangible or visible expressions meet the mark of who you want to be in the world? Was the decision to acquire or create these things done from your deep knowing or a wounded place? 

    Take some time to assess these tendrils of your energy field. Are you lit up by them or do you need to make a change?

    It could be time to freshen up your resume, pivot in your business and assess whether or not you’ve been leaning on things outside of yourself to identify with or define who you are in the world.

Overall, when it comes to the long game of growth, prosperity and fulfillment, we must understand that these elements are not a destination to be reached but an energy to be felt, tended and nourished for the entirety of our lives. Like a garden, our lives need to be planted in healthy, fertile soil and these three elements are some of the most important within your ecosystem.

Have you experienced a season of harvest recently? Are you in need of tending and auditing the energy around you? We’d love to carry on this conversation in the comments section, so please share your stories or “aha’s” with us below. 

TaKisha August, Origin Community Manager/Head Empress
TaKisha is the holder of all spaces for The Origin Company. On calls, in the community, and sometimes 1-on-1 in the inbox helping members of our community feel seen, heard, and more confident about how to use the tools inside of the Origin membership.


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  1. As usual, TaKisha hits me where I need it – the knowledge to grow and evolve. I love all of these ideas and look forward to implementing immediate.

    1. Team Origin

      Ah Dana – we love reading this! Let us know how the implementation goes 🙂

  2. Such a fabulous article, Takisha! Thanks for sharing. Like that you mentioned “unnecessary offerings in your business or an overabundance of hobbies that no longer feel nourishing” Wow! Would never have thought of these. Just the idea of pruning these is so refreshing!

    1. Team Origin

      So glad TaKisha’s post gave you some new ideas Sampada!

  3. Thank you Takisha. So needing this right now!


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